Every Good Gift

23 October 2013-141

The sweetest gifts are the ones that He quietly places in our hands,

the ones that we never thought to seek after. 

So may we look with enraptured eyes

not upon the good gift in our hands,

but upon HIM, 

from whom the blessing came!

baby sister’s birth story.

On Saturday, November 17th, 2012, a baby girl arrived.
This is her story…
_MG_1506_MG_1511Our doctor and friend, Dr. Risha Raven.
_MG_1519_MG_1523 _MG_1532 _MG_1546Two of the sisters, Joy and Hannah.
_MG_1561 _MG_1565 _MG_1570 _MG_1572 _MG_1589 _MG_1600 _MG_1601We had my iPod hooked up to a dock and playing soft worship music. I love that
Knees To the Earth by Christy Nockels came on as Dad knelt to pray for Mom.
_MG_1605 _MG_1614 _MG_1631 _MG_1632 About five hours into labor and dilated 6cm, Mom started hemorrhaging and an emergency C-section looked inevitable. As we quickly called friends and family to have them start praying, an emergency C-section team arrived and began prepping Mom for surgery.
Fervent prayers were lifted heavenward to the God whose ear is tuned to the cries of His children. Within five minutes of the surgeon’s arrival, Mom had already dilated to 10 cm… and delivered our dear baby girl!

_MG_1639 _MG_1642Jesus was so clearly seen as He intervened in a completely supernatural way. Ella’s birth story is a beautiful testimony of His jealous love and protection over His loved ones.

In the midst of the those intense moments, O The Deep, Deep Love by Sovereign Grace was softly playing on repeat and Ella was born to this song. After she was born and the song continued to play, I was completely overwhelmed by the significance of the words…

(Click here to listen)

O the Deep, Deep Love
Oh, the deep deep love of Jesus
Vast, unmeasured, boundless, free
Rolling as a mighty ocean
In its fullness over me
Underneath me, all around me
Is the current of Your love
Leaning onward, leading homeward

To Your glorious rest above

Oh the deep, deep love
All I need and trust

Is the deep, deep love of Jesus

Oh the deep, deep love of Jesus
Spread His praise from shore to shore
How He came to pay our ransom
Through the saving cross He bore
How He watches o’er His loved ones
Those He died to make His own
How for them He’s interceding

Pleading now before the throne

Oh the deep, deep love of Jesus
Far surpassing all the rest
It’s an ocean full of blessing
In the midst of every test
Oh the deep, deep love of Jesus
Mighty Savior, precious Friend
You will bring us home to glory

Where Your love will never end

As I sat there in the delivery room listening to the words of this song afresh, these lines especially stood out to me:

How He watches o’er His loved ones
Those He died to make His own
How for them He’s interceding

Pleading now before the throne

Oh, He DOES watch over His loved ones! His hand of protection over Mom and Ella was so evident. Our God keeps a jealous watch over our lives… they belong to Him! Hebrews 7.25 says that Jesus ever lives to make intercession for us. Not only are we able to intercede for others through prayer, but we also have Jesus, our Mighty Intercessor, who is continually interceding for us! What love!

And so with full and grateful hearts, we met our new baby girl…


Our precious Ella, born at 7.15 pm
7lbs, 15oz
20 inches
_MG_1687Ella’s middle name is Esmé, which means loved or beloved.
So fitting._MG_1692Dad and Mom now have ten children : )
_MG_1707 Little honey._MG_1710 _MG_1725Um, yes.
About this photo. There is some background to it.
Dad very much enjoys Christian singer/songwriter Sara Groves’ music and in one of her songs she talks about dancing on the tables with excitement over good news. Dad said he was going to do this after the baby was born…
and he did.
Technically he danced on a chair, but sometimes improvisation is necessary, you know?
I made sure to take a photo.
; )
_MG_1735 _MG_1736 _MG_1748 _MG_1756 _MG_1781 _MG_1800 _MG_1809 Holding her for the first time._MG_1827 _MG_1830 _MG_1835 She opened her eyes for me!
I was so thrilled.
_MG_1865Dad praying over her._MG_1892
_MG_1913 Little woman, you are so loved._MG_1914 _MG_1919 _MG_1926 _MG_1934 _MG_1941 _MG_1942 _MG_1946
_MG_1950 _MG_1951
Every good gift and perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.
JAMES 1.17

this peace.

I am home.


 As I listen to quiet film scores, two little siblings are sleeping across the room under warm quilts. Did I mention that my little roommates are ages 3 and 5?

Oh, it is good to be home! How many times have I silently thanked the Lord for giving me this precious season at home before I am wed in June? Many, many times.

Tonight as I quietly cleaned up our room (yes, sharing a room with a three-year-old brother means that you will find squishy fishing lures on the floor. of course, we know that their proper place is where he specifically tucked them – under his pillow. I adore this little man.), I started to think about the peace of God. I was having a fairly peaceful moment – the kiddos were sleeping in their bunks, glowy lamp light filled the room, and restful music played softly. But beyond the sweet ambiance that I so appreciate, the Lord brought about a fresh reminder of HIS peace. His peace is a calm heart when the world seems to have turned upside down. His peace is our assurance of His sovereign control. His peace is the removal of all enemy faction within our lives (thank you for that definition, Ellerslie Basic semester). Simply put, the peace of God is the rule and reign of Jesus Christ in our lives!

And let the peace of God rule in your hearts… (Colossians 3.15)

faces of home.

Some of the dear ones that the Lord has blessed me with…

no. 1 sister, hannah. jersey accent aficionado.

littlest brother, aidan. this child melts my heart. and yes, that is duct tape on his glasses : )

grama. full of Jesus and captivating stories.

my betrothed, elijah. a man after the heart of God.

no. 2 sister, joy. certified bookworm.